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Real Estate Investing Workshop - 3 classes on Saturday (7 PHP credits)

9:00 - 11:45 AM    

 Legal Entities and Asset Protection, LLC's, Corps, partnerships, joint ventures with Cleveland D. Bain, attorney from West Nashville Law Group PLLC

In this day and age when people sue at the drop of a hat, you had better have a plan to protect your assets. This class will focus on setting up and maintaining corporate structures, LLC's, Land Trusts, and much more. You will learn how to keep your corporate veil intact and tax issues related to ownership. Get the pros and cons of each type of ownership - and which works best in Tennessee. Cleveland will illustrate these points with examples from his own experience and will allow time for questions. An office hour with an attorney can cost you $350 or more.  You cannot afford to miss this class.  It could save you and your family from financial disaster!

12:45 - 2:45 PM     

Buying a HUD home in Tennessee - Rusty Matz

Buying a HUD property can be a long confusing, complicated process. And if you don't do everything just right... you will never get through the process.

 Those attending this class will learn:

·         How to submit a bid

·         How to search for properties

·         How to submit the right price

There are many pluses to buying a HUD home including:

·         The home inspection is free

·         Unlike the courthouse steps, you can visit the property before you bid

You will also be given a background of the new HUD system and how you can benefit from the largest growing inventory of distressed properties in the country.

Rusty Matz, is the "man in charge" of all the HUD listings in middle Tennessee. Whatever you want to know, he can tell you. Come to this class and learn how to "simplify" the process.  Don't miss this class!

3:00 - 5:00 PM

Appraisals - How to Analyze Rentals through an Appaisers Eye - Andrew Buford PHP core class

An Appraisal is vital to your investing business. Getting an unbiased opinion could save you from over-paying for property in the tens of thousands. An appraisal for an owner/occupied home can be very different than for a rental house.  In this class we will learn about how to value a home, how to measure the square footage of a house and how to read sales in the area to determine the value of a property.

We will:

·         Pull back the curtain and actually go through the appraisal process by choosing Comparables— COMPS.

·         Go through MLS and look at actual sales in the Nashville area.

·         Go through an example of a flip where the investor left money on the table and why that matters to you if you are going to flip a                     home?

·         Answer questions:

                 a) What are the right questions to ask the appraiser so you get the information you need?

                 b) What kind of rent to value ratio to look for in investments.

                 c) What to look at when looking for an investment property.

                 d) How important to selling a home is pricing it correctly?

                 e) What do appraisers look at?

                 f) Is the value just the price per square foot?


Andrew Buford is a Certified Residential Appraiser with more than 10,000 hours of appraisal experience. He is FHA approved and has over half a billion dollars of appraisal work under his belt.


A true appraisal is vital to your profit. You cannot afford to "guess" at market values in this current real estate market.  Don't miss this class!

Date and Time
Start Date: 02/22/2020 Start Time: 9:00 AM
End Date: 02/22/2020 Approx. End Time: 5:00 PM
Registration Deadline: 02/22/2020 Meet Time: 8:30 AM
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Event Location: REIN Education Center
Address: 4525 Harding Pike, Suite #200 , Nashville , TN   37205
Directions: Truxton Trust Building - Across from Kroger
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