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Jim Kumon is an urban designer, neighborhood advocate and business manager with an undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan. With over ten years experience in the design and transportation industries in Los Angeles, Denver and Minneapolis, Jim has a deep understanding of the resurgence of small scale urban neighborhoods which have fueled the economic success of those cities. In his current role leading the Incremental Development Alliance, he oversees the development of training seminars for individuals, coaching and consulting to cities and networking events across the country. He is a frequent speaker to municipalities, trade organizations, business and advocacy groups on real estate, economic development, transit and public infrastructure.

The Incremental Development Alliance

We are a not-for-profit Alliance of practitioners who train small developers, helping citizens strengthen their own neighborhoods and helping city champions get the kind of development their community wants.

Strong places are built at the speed of trust from the bottom up, and today's cities need systems to support that incremental development. It's messy, slow, and difficult work but we know this is how great places come to be.

That leaves us with a challenge: to build the capacity for locals to invest in their own neighborhoods, and to help institutions encourage that small scale development. We do both.

  • For aspiring developers, we offer training classes to help people take the first steps toward their small scale real estate development projects.

  • For city champions, we help identify where policies and practices are becoming unnecessary barriers and partner with local organizations to pilot projects that support small development in a targeted area.

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Event: Small Real Estate Development Members: Free
Where: Habitat for Humanity Community Room Non Members: Free
Address: 33 Meadow Rd. Meeting Place: At Event Location
Location Website: n/a Meeting Address: Same as Event Location
Meet Loc Website: n/a Meeting Time: 6:15 PM
Location Phone: n/a Parking Cost: $0.00
Start Date-Time: 09/10/2018 - 6:30 PM Reg. Deadline: 09/10/2018
* End Date-Time: 09/10/2018 - 8:30 PM PrePay Required: No

Event Leader:
Emily Smith
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Event Location: Habitat for Humanity Community Room
Address: 33 Meadow Rd.

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